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Wynn’s Airco-Pure is a bactericidal and fungicidal fluid for cleaning air conditioning systems, including the evaporator, and the interior of vehicles. It is packed in a spray can.

Highly effective cleaner for air conditioning system, including the evaporator.Eliminates unpleasant odours in the interior of vehicles.Eliminates pollen and nicotine residues.Eliminates microbes, mould and bacteria.Can prevent allergic reactions: sneezing, colds, coughing, sore throats, irritation of the eyes.

For all air-conditioning systems and the interior of vehicles.

Apply the product at minimum 15°C (1)
Start the engine (2) and close all windows (3).
Switch on the air conditioning in circulation mode (4).
Put the spray can on the flat passenger side floor (5), so that the product can be
atomized to the ventilation grill.
Push down the spray handle until it clicks in the blocked position (6).
The spray is activated and will automatically spray the product inside the vehicle.
Leave the vehicle and close the doors (7).
Wait until the spray is empty and all product is consumed (approximately 2 minutes).
Switch of the engine (8). Keep car windows and doors still closed for another 10
Remove the spray from the vehicle and leave the windows open for aeration during
approximately 5 minutes before driving the car (9).

Air quality problems are easily solved with the Wynn’s air treatments. There is Airco-Clean® to disinfect and clean the aeration and air conditioning system and Air Purifier to remove bad smells from the passenger compartment.

**Please be inform that this product unable to send to East Malaysia due to consider as dangerous goods (by flight) by courier service.**



















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