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DPF Regenerator
& NOx Sensor Protector
For all diesel engines

Wynn’s DPF Regenerator & NOx Sensor Protector has been
developed to clear blocked particulate filters and reduce soot
emissions in all diesel engines. It is also designed to protect the
NOx sensor against contamination.

✓ Easily cleans and regenerates a blocked diesel soot filter without dismantling
✓ Catalyst for optimized combustion of soot particles
✓ Cleaning effect on NOx sensors to avoid AdBlue contamination problems
✓ Reduces the combustion temperature of soot so they burn off faster
and at a lower temperature
✓ Restores engine Performance
✓ Avoids maintenance costs related to DPF
✓ Especially suited for short driving cycles. Super-fast results!
✓ Stops oil dilution from excessive regenerations
✓ Can be used in combination with built-in regeneration systems
✓ Has a cleaning effect on the outlet side of the turbo
✓ Harmless for all after-treatment systems


✓ Suitable for all diesel engines, trucks, buses, stationary equipment, boats, etc.
✓ Highly effective for all diesel fuels to B30 as well as off-road fuels


✓ Add 1 litre to the vehicle fuel tank (Treats up to 500 litres of fuel)
✓ Add 1 litre to a minimum of 75 litres of diesel
✓ Use in case of stop start driving & regular DPF issues use every 10,000 KM


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Weight 1.5 kg
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