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  • Diesel Purge:
    – Clean diesel fuel system including injectors and combustion chambers. Restores proper injector   
      spray pattern.
    – Increase fuel economy.
    – Restore overall engine performance.
    – Reduce particulate emissions.
    – Used with Wynn’s Diesel Clean Machine (#03500) and Wynn’s Diesel Injector Purge Tool


  • (#03600).Diesel Charge:
    – Remove diesel injector deposits and restore proper injector spray pattern.
    – Remove diesel combustion chamber deposits.
    – Reduce exhaust particulate emissions.
    – Increase fuel economy.
    – Boost overall engine performance.
  • Additional Features:
    – Contains state-of-the-art additive technology.
    – Provides corrosion protection for the fuel tank.
    – Eliminates problems with water contaminated diesel fuel.

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