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* To be used with Wynn’s Aircomatic
    Ultrasonic Deodorizer
    for the Interior of Vehicles
    Neutralizes the ozone after an ozone
    treatment with the Aircomatic® III
    Wynn’s Air Purifier Ultrasonic Deodorizer removes and
    neutralizes odours and bad smells in vehicles, containers,
    boats and many other places.


Neutralizes bad smells by means of a chemical reaction with their molecules.
Instantly removes bad smells like cigarette smoke, pet smell, body odours, garbage,
onion, garlic, food smells, spilled food, vomit, smell of mildew and damp, wet clothing.
Long lasting effect by means of the molecular technology, which neutralizes the smell
Does not mask the smell, but eliminates it.
Due to the fine nebulisation with the Wynn’s Aircomatic® II or III the entire space is
Removes bad smells from fabrics, e.g. from furniture, seats in vehicles, boats, carpet
and curtains.
In combination with the ozone function on the Aircomatic® III, it creates even a better
result and succeeds to neutralize even the worst smells.
Neutralizes immediately the remaining ozone (quenching agent) in the vehicle interior
after an ozone treatment with the Aircomatic® III, so that safe re-entry of the car is
Water-carried, non-toxic, non-flammable, ready-to-use deodorizer.
It leaves a fresh delicate perfume.
Does not leave stains.
For exclusive use with the Wynn’s Aircomatic® II or III equipment.



Interior and trunk of cars, trucks, boats, buses, caravans and containers.

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